packaging House Design
The concept of a "house design" comes into consideration, while dealing in markets that demand good quality generic products at very affordable prices. In such scenarios, it is often unaffordable to go out and market products effectively as the margins need to be kept low bearing in mind market conditions. To counter such conditions, it is often important to differentiate our products from that of the competition, without compromising on quality and prices.
Such markets also often present a dual dilemma, wherein many companies following a trend of "similar designing" adapted for packaging of generic products, to wrongly gain the good-will from established products. This malpractice, can be very dangerous as it may bring disrepute to the original owner of the brand, due to sub standard quality counterfiets.
The answer therefore is to develop a uniform and secure house design for the packaging of our products, which is adaptable to the various products we offer and is still recognisable as being offered by us.
The house design thus serves the following functions :
1. Recognisability.
2. Functionality.
3. Security.
A brief explanation of our "house design" for our generic & branded generic products is given with the help of an illustrative example below. This we hope, will help our customers differentiate between "original" Axelia products and imitations which may be found in the market.
( Please remember these design parameters are registered under copy rights act, and reproducing the same unless expressly permitted by us, is a crime. )
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