Logo Significance
The "Axelia" logo is based on three primary design parameters : axelia
1. Representation
2. Recollection
3. Simplicity
Description : The logo follows a basic design, with the name Axelia, written in caps in a dark blue colour. The name is underlined with a curve shaped panel in a lighter shade of blue leading and pointing upwards. A second curve shaped panel in a slightly darker shade of blue starts atop the first one and follows an "S" shaped flare.
" Evolving with life "
The curved panels of the design represent the fire of life. The lighter blue of the underlying panel represents water from where life started and the darker the sky towards which life has progressed and the darkest blue of the name represents nature which is everything in between.
The flame of life represents how life evolved starting from the sea and is now challenging the limits of the sky. The logo is thus inspired from life and it's evolution. The design is understated and involves no complicated graphics, it represents the smoothness with which life flows over all obstacles. This simplicity serves the functional purpose of ease of reproducibility.
The name in caps is large and in the darkest shade of blue, this visual impact helps in registration of the company name in the user's mind and subsequent recollection at the point of purchase. The simple design is thus very practical and functional as it puts the focus on the company, while conveying an underlying message of evolving with life.
Welcome to Axelia